Courier of the Crypts has left early access and is out on PC!

Happy launch day adventurers!

Courier of the Crypts has officially left early access and launched on PC! Check out the launch trailer below:

After 8 years of development the game is finally ready for the PC!

Some of the changes with the final release:

  • New levels featuring unique environments, events, enemies & puzzles
  • Complete story
  • More secrets to explore than ever before
  • Improved atmosphere of the game
  • Achievement system with lots of challenging achievements
  • Many polishing details & fixes
  • More

Thank you
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who was playing the game in early access and staying around until this day. I hope you will enjoy the full release and new content! ❤️ 

If you want to help the game further please leave a review about the game and let others know what you think of it. 

Feel free to stop by at the official Discord channel to celebrate the release with other fans of the game:

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