Hotfic #3 (v1.0.4)

Version 1.0.4 is available now with more fixes and additional checkpoints in some of the maps. Checkpoint additions are not meant to make the game easier but to make some parts a bit less of a time-wasters. 


  • Crash in Reservoir map
  • Starting with endless light in the Sewers
  • In Jail Cells you could move stone blocks over doors and get stuck
  • Some doors were without collision after respawning at the checkpoint
  • Walking through the pushable stone blocks
  • Music stops playing sometimes
  • Switching weapons with number keys in The Path You Take 
  • Some visual glitches on objects after respawning at the checkpoint
  • Arrow & Fireball traps fire timing may be disrupted after respawning at the checkpoint
  • Graveyard of Patrons - missing/black parts of map
  • Various collisions fixed through the maps
  • Some grammar mistakes corrected
  • Hurting the  from behind doesn't work


  • Checkpoints added to the following maps: 
    • Myth the Spiders,
    • Reservoir
    • The Mines
  • In the Jail Cells, after picking up the bones, doors will open now over specific amount of time now.
  • Minor map adjustments


More issues are known at this point but I would rather keep posting small regular updates than big ones with big delays. 


  :chopyouup: I have found a bug, where can I report it?

Thank you for bearing with me! :oheart:

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