Hotfix #1 (v1.0.2)

Few days have passed from the happy release day! Sadly, the release version went out with some issues that weren't tracked upfront so I'm releasing the first hotfix for the game.


  • Game crash when dying (common bug to multiple issues)
  • Exiting credits not possible with controller
  • Player can be hurt while in the cutscene
  • Visual glitches removed
  • Raised in Darkness & Flamebound achievements not working properly


  • You can now switch weapons by pressing number keys (1-4)
  • Some character portraits got minor adjustments

More issues are known at this point but I would rather keep posting small regular updates than big ones with big delays.
:chopyouup: I have found a bug, where can I report it?

Thank you for bearing with me! :oheart:

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